Welcome! I am delighted to share my workshop and some of the secrets that go behind the creations as well as all the things that inspire me: pearls, semi-precious stones and precious metals, textures and colors, my travels and much more..

Artist to the core! Passionate about decor, design and creation, I am interested in women’s fashion and what I absolutely love is creating jewelry! Having an overflowing imagination and being fascinated by the mixture of colors and textures, I enjoy creating one of a kind, wonderful pieces.

I am drowned by the beauty and the graciousness of semi-precious stones and I love the fact they all have distinct shapes and forms resembling a small piece of art. Moreover, I equally appreciate the simplicity of other natural materials that enhance the splendour and the color of delicate stones.

With a creative mind and a love for natural gemstones, I enjoy working with genuine materials such as freshwater pearls, mother‑of‑pearls, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver 925, 14k gold filled, vermeil gold, brass, stainless steel, leather and silk.

Each piece is artfully designed from selected materials and assembled by hand in my studio with the utmost care for their qualities and their sheen.

I now create my own trends, and can surrender to my whimsical imagination and the freedom to mix various textures and materials… Each season, I create collections of timeless pieces.

I hope my creations made with love and passion will charm you!