Artist to the core! Passionate about design, fashion and creation, I absolutely love creating jewelry!

Having an overflowing imagination and being fascinated by the beauty of pearls, I love the fact they all have distinct shapes and forms resembling a small piece of art. These beauties offer endless possibilities for creating wonderful pieces.

My favorite material is definitely gold filled, a precious metal of exceptional quality. Known for its durability, it does not tarnish or flake.

Each piece is artfully designed from selected materials and assembled by hand in my studio with the utmost care for their qualities and their sheen.


Y O U R   E V E R Y D A Y   L U X U R Y

I design jewelry to help women look and feel their best because I know a woman’s best accessory is her confidence!

 C H I C   S T Y L E   D E S I G N

Offers a variety of minimalist pieces that subtly merge fanciful with luxury. Unique, modern and sophisticated, these creations refine women and showcases their natural beauty.