Mélanie Gamelin, Founder Of Chic Style Design

It was with the desire to see women feel beautiful and good about themselves that the founder of Chic Style Design, Mélanie Gamelin, launched her business nearly four years ago. Mother of four children, Mélanie completed a training in interior design before entering the jewelry industry in 2018.
After having first experimented with precious stones, the designer finally put her finger on the material with which she really liked to work: the gold filled 14 carats (gold filled), which promises brilliance and quality to her loyal and well-established clientele. She herself is behind the creation and manufacture of the pieces in her collections, in addition to working with some imports from Italy.
Inspired by unique and different shaped pearls, nature as well as travel, Mélanie is very meticulous and approaches her design process with great care. The jeweler has the attention to detail at heart and can also spend several hours in her workshop until the desired final product is obtained.

14k gold filled guarantee of quality

The designer works with different materials to create her jewelry, but is above all known for her use of 14K gold filled). Gold filled jewelry is first composed of a brass base covered with a solid layer of gold (14 or 18 carats) by means of a process combining pressure and heat which consists in melting a layer of gold on the base metal.

For a jewel to be considered gold filled, it must have a minimum proportion of 5% gold in relation to its weight, and just like solid gold and vermeil, gold filled has its hallmark, which indicates the amount of gold that is found in the jewel.

Limited edition collections

Each season, Chic Style Design launches limited edition collections. Fine jewelry that stands out for its timeless and trendy style has made the reputation of the Quebec company, which relies on quality materials and unparalleled know-how.

Each piece signed Chic Style Design is offered with a personalized word, which makes each jewel even more special and unique. According to the designer, receiving a jewel as a gift provokes positive emotions that are associated with a special occasion.
More than an accessory, a jewel represents a token of love, tenderness or recognition, and over time becomes a piece of sentimental value that will thus be passed on from generation to generation.
Chic Style Design thus begins its fourth year on the market and the handmade jewelry company continues to innovate by putting forward classic and trendy styles that pass through the years with flying colors.